Yasmin Moon 是我在Instagram追蹤的一位美國紐約的模特兒,光看她的照片便會覺得她是非常有魅力的人! 我最欣賞她不做作且做自己的性格,因為她即便腋毛沒有刮除乾淨,也可以一派輕鬆地慵懶躺在沙灘上,然後恣意地拍照!!! 她雖然已經是專業模特兒,但在面對鏡頭時,除了會事先練習,拍攝當下也會照著當時的直覺走,並盡量不去關心自己的肢體動作是否”有吸引力”,因為那都是多餘的! 喜歡她說的一句話:「 誠實的呈現最自然的樣貌是最美的表現。」

Yasmin-Moon-NewYork-model.jpgYasmin Moon is a model in New York I follow on Instagram, just look at her picture would think she’s so accessible, natural and normal!!! There’s nothing affected about her
She would say her intuition is her muse, in that after a lot of practicing she does want feels comfortable or cool, and connecting with the camera on a multidimensional level. She try not to care what she body looks like in an “attractive” sense. she is so over the idea of having to trick her bodies to appear thinner in order to be more beautiful. In her opinion anything that is authentic and honest is the most beautiful!! ***ps:Some articles come from golden boy press***

Artist: Mieui Lin (Lin,Jia-Huei)  
Title: Portrait of Yasmin Moon
Year: Jul. 20th. 2017 
Medium: 148 * 210 (mm) 
©Illustrations of Portraits were designed by Mieui Lin