Munya Chawawa他是一位時常穿著繽紛色彩且勇於表達自己、活出自我的youtuber,而他也活躍於英國的音樂頻道〈4Music〉及電台〈Repreteningnt FM〉,同時也是〈混音意見〉的創始播客,在知名的影音平台上都不難發現他的蹤影!

Munya Chawawa is a youtubeuber who is often colorful and has the courage to express himself and live on his own, he is also active in〈4Music〉 , radio 〈Representingnt FM〉 in UK’s music channel and he is 〈Founder of The Mixed Opinions〉Podcast , Not difficult to find trace of him in the well-known video platform!

I am very happy that my art-works can be appreciated and affirmed by him!